Marriage | Couples Therapy

Our goal in marriage and couples’ therapy is to not only provide relationship advice, but to stop separation and to help partners achieve a stronger understanding of themselves, each other, and their relationship. With this higher level of awareness, partners will come to understand the dynamics of their relationship and, as such, be better for each other.

We can help you fix your relationship. Please contact us.

LGBT Therapy

We recognize the inherent struggles the LGBT community faces, existing within a society that may not be supportive: LGBT equality. We are concerned with providing therapy to the individual—as well as couples—in every context, whether that be treating depression, anxiety, helping clients with coming out and becoming not only comfortable but proud of their sexual identity, as well as sexual reassignment for trans-gender clients. We utilize approaches unique to our staff—one being that we view sexuality and gender identity as characteristics to be celebrated.

We can help you learn to take pride in your sexual identity. Please contact us.

Child Therapy

We provide therapy for children in a plethora of contexts, but some of the most common include those with children having been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), and separation anxiety. We typically receive referrals from school guidance counselors, parents, juvenile schools, and churches.

We can help your child cope with his/her ailment. Please contact us.

Child Therapy (as per the courts)

In the many situations leading to parents having to share custody over a child, we help said children adjust to their upcoming life. While we are also concerned with the parents of the children involved, our primary focus here is the child’s ability to adjust to their upcoming life.

We can help your child adjust to joint custody. Please contact us.

Geriatric Therapy

Time can create a sense of disconnect in the mind, leaving one feeling detached. Too, this disconnect often expands into the family, driving wedges between children and the elderly. Our goal with geriatric therapy is to gently mend communication obstacles between the family as well as helping the elderly individual to maintain a healthy, happy life. We approach this type of therapy in the form of meeting with clients in groups or individually, and sometimes even over Skype with out-of-town family members when such meetings need to take place.

We can help you fix the connection with your elderly. Please contact us.

Counseling College Students

Life transitions can be straining in ways we don’t typically realize. This is especially so for young people who are developing into adults, trying to find how they fit into this world. As such, the transition from the comfortable, predictable home to an environment saturated with new responsibility and independence can be incredibly straining to the self. This strain often results in varying cases of home sickness, separation anxiety, depression, and more.

We work with college students to help their transition from home to university become one of confidence and independence.

We can help you or your college student adjust to university life. Please contact us.

Additional Therapy

Play Therapy
Bereavement Counseling
Drug and Alcohol Counseling
Work-Place Concerns
Life Coaching

If you have any questions regarding therapy of a different kind, please contact us; we’re happy to step outside of our comfort zone to meet you at yours.