Child Therapy

At Lake Erie Counseling, we provide several forms of child therapy and counseling, including but not limited to:

–     therapy for children struggling with attention deficit disorder (ADD)
–     therapy for children struggling with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
–     counseling for children diagnosed with oppositional defiant disorder (ODD)
–     therapy for children suffering from separation anxiety
–     counseling for children adjusting to parental separation
–     therapy for children related to other court-ordered situations

Children in need of therapy related to a specific ailment—diagnosed or suspect—are often referred to us by parents, school guidance counselors, churches, and juvenile schools while  children in need of counseling for parental separation are often referred to us by the courts.

Child therapy is an incredibly helpful resource for not only struggling children but also parents who just can’t seem to find a successful means of helping their child.  As a child’s mind and body develop, so too does the complexity of their lives, making life adjustment difficult.  As such, child therapy and counseling not only helps the child’s adjustment but also the parent and their understanding of their children.

In addition to the aforementioned child therapy types, we also offer therapy for college students.

The transition from the comfortable, predictable home to an environment saturated with new responsibility and independence can be incredibly straining to the self.  This strain often results in varying cases of home sickness, separation anxiety, depression, and more.  We work with college students to help their transition from home to university become one of confidence and independence.