Geriatric Therapy

At Lake Erie Counseling, we offer geriatric counseling and counseling for their family members.  By choosing Lake Erie Counseling, the elderly and their families can expect the following assistance:

–     therapy for the elderly facing mortality
–     therapy for those suffering from alzheimers
–     therapy for those adjusting to retirement
–     therapy for those adjusting to the loss of friends, peers, partners
–     therapy for the families of the elderly experiencing these troubles

We approach geriatric therapy in the form of meeting with clients in groups or individually, and sometimes even over Skype with out-of-town family members when such meetings need to take place.

Our goal with geriatric therapy is to gently mend communication obstacles between the family as well as helping the elderly individual to maintain a healthy, happy life.

Geriatric therapy can help those having difficulty with aging and managing their emotions, finding enjoyment and meaning, and coping with the loss of their peers.  Geriatric therapy can also, most importantly, help the elderly and their families in facing fears of death as well as bridging gaps in communication caused by dementia.  In doing so, geriatric therapy allows the elderly and their families to carry out their remaining time together with loving, meaningful, and full of support.