LGBT Therapy

At Lake Erie Counseling, we provide an open-minded, safe setting in which we conduct therapy and counseling for the members of the LGBT community.  Individuals and couples who identify with the LGBT community or are not sure can expect the following therapy by choosing Lake Erie Counseling:

–     therapy for depression
–     therapy for anxiety
–     therapy for anger
–     therapy with coming out
–     therapy for couples
–     therapy for gender reassignment
–     therapy for grief and loss

It’s no secret to us that members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community face unique struggles.  Although the LGBT community enjoys a wider level of social acceptance than previous decades, prejudice still exists, making embracing one’s sexual identity, coming out, and achieving a strong sense of self incredibly challenging.  These challenges often lead to depression, anxiety, anger, repression, and more, warranting the need for gay and lesbian therapy.

At Lake Erie Counseling, we recognize the inherent struggles the LGBT community faces. We are concerned with providing therapy the individual—as well as couples—in every context, whether that be treating depression, anxiety, helping clients with coming out and becoming not only comfortable but proud of their sexual identity, as well as sexual reassignment for trans-gender clients.  We utilize approaches unique to our staff—one being that we view sexuality and gender identity as characteristics to be celebrated.