Marriage | Couples Therapy

At Lake Erie Counseling, we provide marriage counseling and couples therapy, as well as a safe environment in which couples can respectfully converse and work towards healing their relationship.  Through doing so, couples—married and not—can expect to:

–      enhance their communication skills through honesty and respect
–      identify problems within and outside their relationship
–      remember and/or realize shared value
–      remember their compassion, appreciation, and love for one another
–      walk away with a stronger understanding of each other as individuals and as part of a loving team

Our primary goal in marriage counseling and couples therapy is to not only provide relationship advice, but to stop separation and to help partners achieve a stronger understanding of themselves, each other, and their relationship.  With this higher level of awareness, partners will come to understand the dynamics of their relationship and, as such, be better for each other.

Today’s culture, whether media or family, has a myriad of ideas regarding what relationships should look like.  This often interferes with our ability to lead genuine relationships.  As trained professionals, we at Lake Erie Counseling recognize there is no one correct way of leading a happy, healthy relationship, but rather an infinite amount.  Because of this, we offer personalized marriage counseling and couples therapy sessions, exclusive to the individuals and their relationship.

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